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RS232 to TTL Converter

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    The HXSP-TTL-R1 Plug-n-play RS232 to TTL converter supporting bi-directional communication and east to connect DB9 connectors.
    This HXSP-TTL-R1 RS232 to TTL converter provides 5.0V UART levels and converts any standard RS232 port to TTL signals, supporting TX, RX and GND. It is port powered by the RS232 port so no additional power supply is needed.
    Also supported is auto flow control, so no external flow control hardware or software drivers are needed. Build-in data flow control automatically enables the interface when data is present on the RS232 side of the converter.
    The RS232 side of the converter is a female DB9 connector and the TTL side is a male DB9 connector with an optional screw terminal block for easy connection of both wires and DB9 connetors.

    Specification & Feature
    • UART Signals TXD, RXD,GND
    • Power level 5.0V
    • TTL connector DB9 Male + terminal header
    • RS232 connector DB9 Female
    • Baud rate 2400 - 115200bps
    • Processor chip HEF4093BT
    • Dimensions: 42mm x 31mm x 12mm

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