• RS-232 To RS-422 Converter


RS-232 To RS-422 Converter

HXSP-422 series converter is bi-directional connector converter between RS-232 and RS-422; it is mainly used for communication between main controller machines, main controller machine and SCMs or Peripherals, point to point and point to points remote communicate network, it achieve request-response communication between multi-machines, it is mainly used for the field of electricity, industrial automatic control, IC card billing system; such as one card solution, access control system, parking system, and so on.
HXSP-422 series converters change the TXD and RXD signals of RS-232 serial port to 4 wire full duplex RS-422 signal. No need to get through the power, it can get the electricity from the 3rd pin of RS-232 interface , at the same time, there is a request sending by 7th pin(RTS), 4th pin data terminal prepares(DTR) to help power supplying HXSP-422. The automatically process control make you need not reset and make a easy application of the hardware and software installation.

  • Specification & Feature
    Standard: Accord EIA RS-232, RS-422 standard.
    Connector: DB9 female on RS-232 side, DB9 male with 6 terminal block on RS-422 side.
    Work methods: asynchronous, point to point or multi-point, 4 wire full-duplex.
    Transmission medium: Ordinary Line , twisted pair cable or Shielded Wire
    Baud rate: 300~115000bps.
    Transmission distance: 5 meters (RS-232 side) and 1200 meters (RS-422 side).
    Communication protocol: Transparent.
    Environment: -10 to 85 centigrade working temperature, 5% to 95% relative humidity.
    Signals: RS-232(TXD, RXD,GND); RS-422(TX+,TX-,RX+,RX-,GND).
  • Datasheet
    datasheet of RS-232 To RS-422 Converter  HXSP-422A_Datasheet.pdf
  • User Manual
    user manual of RS-232 To RS-422 Converter HXSP-422_RS-232_RS-422_UserManual.pdf    
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