• RS485 RS422 to WiFi Converter


RS485 RS422 to WiFi Converter

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    WF7205 module is a fully independent embedded wireless LAN access devices. The module integrates MCU, in line with 802.11 b / g 2.4G standard wireless RF transceiver, TCP / IP protocol stack and applications, WF7205 Wi-Fi module provides a very rich user interface device connected to the module, including UART , SPI, I2C, I2S, MII / RMII. NEW WF3002/3005 Wi-Fi module is easily integrated into the final product, accelerate product development, shorten time to market, to provide users with a low-cost, reliable wireless solutions.

    • WF7205 WIFI virtual serial port can be done , we installed the software distribution , and the device is fully equivalent to the one computer in the wireless communication. Simple and practical. WF7205 is a transparent transmission equipment , transmission transparent way , it can also be closed , you do not know WIFI, do not understand the technical details , you can use our software to extend wireless serial port, liberated your serial devices , attendance, access control, serial printer , RFID, PLC , etc. love to put where to put where. There are four corners stand by wireless terrestrial plant router , WF7205 and Siemens PLC connection RFID, mobile work carried out in the packing plant
    • WF7205 modules can set the operating mode , built-in web page or by logging in via AT commands , you only need to set once, then every time you start will follow this work mode.
    • WF7205 module sets the reset button. Press three seconds that can enter the factory state.
    • WF7205 module also can be equipped with an external DC power cord , you can access the battery for outdoor operation.
    • WF7205 with Android phones can also log in directly to the built pages , you can use your phone Smart family , and other supporting development . We are not like some of the other products require a patch in order to access or can not be accessed. We offer both Andrews and Andrews test software programming examples.
    • Power Supply: DC 5~12V
    • Dimension: 80mm x 45mm x 25mm


    High-speed UART
    . Supports baud rate range: 1200 ~ 921600bps
    . Support for hardware flow control (RTS / CTS)
    . Technical support using DMA burst transfer (burst transfer)
    High-speed SPI
    . Supports a maximum clock frequency of 50MHz
    . Support Mode0 and Mode3 timing mode
    . MSB first pass
    . Technical support using DMA burst transfer (burst transfer)
    . Support IEEE802.11b / g wireless standards
    . Support Frequency Range: 2.412 ~ 2.484 GHz
    . supports two types of wireless networks: basic network (Infra) and ad hoc network (Adhoc)
    . Support for multiple security authentication mechanisms: WEP-64/128, TKIP (WPA-PSK), AES (WPA2-PSK)
    . Support for fast networking
    . Supports TCP, UDP, ICMP, IGMP, DHCP, ARP, DNS, SMTP, SNTP, PPPoE and HTTP network protocols
    . Support for transparent data transmission
    . Support for a variety of parameters configurations: Serial / WEB / wireless connection
    . Integrated PCB antenna
    . Online firmware upgrade
    . GPIOs


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