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RS232 to WiFi Converter

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    The serial device networking (TCP/IP) has become a trend of industrial on-site networking. However, the on-site wiring construction and alternation cost have always been a bottle neck of serial device networking. With the growingly mature WLAN technology and falling cost of related hardware, the advantage of serial device networking has become quite obvious, which makes serial device wireless networking a must.
    WF7202 wireless serial port server offers wireless transceiver and high speed serial port, conforming to IEEE802.11b/g wireless network communication standard. The maximum standard transmission distance is 300M and further wireless communication can be achieved by additional high gain external antenna, which can not only prevent difficult wiring but also lower construction cost, specially suitable for devices like industrial environment and factory automation system, on-site monitoring system, etc.


    High-speed UART
    . Supports baud rate range: 1200 ~ 921600bps
    . Support for hardware flow control (RTS / CTS)
    . Technical support using DMA burst transfer (burst transfer)
    High-speed SPI
    . Supports a maximum clock frequency of 50MHz
    . Support Mode0 and Mode3 timing mode
    . MSB first pass
    . Technical support using DMA burst transfer (burst transfer)
    . Support IEEE802.11b / g wireless standards
    . Support Frequency Range: 2.412 ~ 2.484 GHz
    . supports two types of wireless networks: basic network (Infra) and ad hoc network (Adhoc)
    . Support for multiple security authentication mechanisms: WEP-64/128, TKIP (WPA-PSK), AES (WPA2-PSK)
    . Support for fast networking
    . Supports TCP, UDP, ICMP, IGMP, DHCP, ARP, DNS, SMTP, SNTP, PPPoE and HTTP network protocols
    . Support for transparent data transmission
    . Support for a variety of parameters configurations: Serial / WEB / wireless connection
    . Integrated PCB antenna
    . Online firmware upgrade
    . GPIOs


    rs232 to wifi

    rs232 to wifi

    rs232 to wifi

    rs232 to wifi

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