• HXSP-148 3-lines RS-232 Optoelectronic Isolator


HXSP-148 3-lines RS-232 Optoelectronic Isolator

HXSP-148 RS-232 Serial Optoelectronic Isolator,is a kind of RS-232 system communication serial port optic isolation product. This product support transmission rate as high as 57,600bps, no external power needed, optic electric isolation 7500V, is applicable in tough environment. According to different customer need, there are 3 lines, 5 lines(HXSP-158) two types. You can also choose extend the serial port RS-232 telecom distance to 12 kilometers HXSP-166.

  • Specification & Feature
    Plug and play .
    Port-powered, lowest consumption .
    Standard: Accord EIA RS-232 standard .
    Connector: DB-9 female, DB-9 male
    Working: Asynchronism, point to point .
    Baud Rate: 0~57600bps.
    Isolate Signal: 2 , 3 , 5
    Isolation Voltage: 7500V Instantaneous, 2500V continuous
    Dimension: 62mm x 32mm x 18mm
    Weight: 25g.
  • Datasheet
    datasheet of HXSP-148 3-lines RS-232 Optoelectronic Isolator HXSP-148_Datasheet.pdf
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