• RS-485/RS-422 Optical Isolation Repeater


RS-485/RS-422 Optical Isolation Repeater

TD-109 RS-485/RS-422 Repeater(also called Signal Booster, Signal Extender) is professional design for resolve the problem of signal weaken in the signal transmission. it is used industrial-level design, can extend the RS-485/RS-422 signal to 1200m or add 32 node more. at the same time it has lightning protection and optical isolation function for two side RS-485/RS-422 devices. it support RS-485 bus and RS-422 bus switch automatically without manual transfer. it is the best choice for enhancing the RS-485/422 signal!

  • Specification & Feature
    • Standard: Support EIA RS-485, RS-422 standard.
    • Connector: DB9 male with 6 terminal block on RS-485/RS-422 side
    • Transmission medium: UTP-Unshielded Twisted Pair or RS-485 Wire
    • Transmission distance: extend 1200m each one.
    • Baud rate: 300~115000bps.
    • Loading: 32 standard nodes.
    • Surge Protection: 600W.
    • ESD Protection: 15 KV.
    • Isolation Voltage: 2.5KV Instantaneous, 700V DC continuous
    • Dimension: 93mm x 65mm x 25mm.
    • Environment: -20 ℃ ~ 60 ℃ working temperature, 5%-95% relative humidity.
  • Datasheet
    datasheet of RS-485/RS-422 Optical Isolation Repeater HXSP-109_Datasheet.pdf
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