• Twisted-pair Signal Surge Protective Device


Twisted-pair Signal Surge Protective Device

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    SHSPD-485 Signal Twisted-pair Surge Protective Device is widely used in computer communication systems, monitoring control systems, access control intercom system, automatic control systems, security systems and other data transfer control signal line surge protection against lightning. Typical for computer RS485, RS422, RS232 other serial interface.

    Specification & Feature
    • Products form the interface card for standard screw-type connection interface circuit to protect the 1-2 group.
    • Various rated voltage selection, product installation and maintenance is very convenient.
    • Three-stage series type, nominal discharge current of up to 5kA, picosecond response time, can fully protect the equipment using the latest semiconductor devices.
    • Typical for the RS485/RS422 serial communication.

    Nominal operating voltage(Un) 5V
    Maximum continuous operating voltage(Uc) 18V
    Standard discharge current(In) 5KA(8/20us)
    Maximum discharge current(Imax) 10KA(8/20us)
    Clamping voltage(Up) <80V
    Response time(tA) <10ns  
    Transfer rate(Vs) <2Mbps
    Insertion loss(AE) <0.5dB 
    Working temperature -40 to +80oC
    Test standard IEC61643-21

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