• Single Channel Active UTP Video Balun Transmitter


Single Channel Active UTP Video Balun Transmitter

HXVB-120T is single channel active UTP video balun transmitter which mainly used for security, education and other fields. It uses Cat5 or Cat5e as a transmission medium. It can real-time transmit 1800 meters color or 2400 meters black and white baseband video signal if working with active receivers. it will save wiring costs, simplify your wiring works.

  • Specification & Feature
    • Real-time transmission of High-Definition video signals.
    • Transmission distance up to 1800m color signal.
    • 12~24V adaptive DC power supply input.
    • NTSC, PAL, SECAM video formats
    • Compatible with all qualified UTP cameras
    • Highlight second oxidation aluminum case
    • Super interference rejection, 3rd level lightningproof, built-in surge&transient protection
    Transmission distance
    Signal Type
    Video(PAL, NTSC, SECAM and other baseband video signal)
    Power Supply Input
    12~24 DC
    Coaxial BNC(female), twisted-pair terminal, DC 5.5 connector
    Surge Protection
    6000V 10uS*700uS IEC61000-4-5
    Frequency response
    0 to 8MHz 60dB (typical)
    Coax (BNC female) 75 Ohm; UTP (unshielded twisted pair) 100 ohms
    Cable Type
    Cat5 or Cat5e unshielded twisted pair
    Cable Impedance
    100 ± 20 ohms
    Distributed capacitance
    less than 62pF/m
    DC loop resistance
    18 Ohm/100m
    Operating temperature
    -20 ℃ ~70 ℃
    Relative Humidity
    Storage temperature
    -40 ℃ ~95 ℃
    81mm x 82mm x 29mm
    Net Weight
  • User Manual
    user manual of Single Channel Active UTP Video Balun Transmitter video_balun_usermanual.pdf    
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