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PoE Power Injector

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    Power over Ethernet(PoE) is designed to deliver data and eletrical power over standard CAT5 Ethernet cable to the electric equipment required 5v, 7.5v,9v and 12DC(All IN ONE).
    Easy to install, no tools or software required, light weight and compact in size are just among some of the great features of this product.This HXSP-3300 power injector Module "inject" the DC power onto the Cat.5 Ethernet cable carrying the data The Power Splitter Module "split" the DC electrical power from the data and connected to the power input to the equipment.

    Specification & Feature
    • Transfers electric power & data over standard Ethernet cable to the devices without power source.
    • Electric power and data transfer media: CAT5 twisted-pair Ethernet cable.
    • Transfer distance: up to 328ft/100m.
    • Optional electric power output voltage: 5V, 7.5V, 9V & 12V for most of devices.
    • Data transfer rate: 10/100Mbps.
    • Power injector module & Power splitter module are available. Injector converts AC power into DC power and injects DC power into the Ethernet cable. Splitter splits DC power from Ethernet cable and provides DC power to device.
    • Input voltage: AC 100-240V / Output voltage: DC 24V / Output current (max): 1A for Injector.
    • Input voltage: DC 24V / Output voltage: DC 5V, 7.5V, 9V & 12V for Splitter.
    • Injector: Data in (RJ-45)/ Power in (DC jack)/ Data + Power out (RJ-45) & power LED.
    • Splitter: Data + Power in (RJ-45)/ Data out (RJ-45)/ Power out (DC jack) & voltage switch/LED & power LED.
    • Easy to install. No tools and software required.
    • Light weight and compact design.
    • Dimension of each module: 70mm x 52mm x 21mm.

    Package Content

    1 x Power Injector Module.

    1 x Power Splitter Module.

    1 x Ethernet Twisted-Pair Cable.

    1 x AC/DC Power Adapter.

    1 x DC/DC cable.

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