• BNC & Power 2 in 1 Surge Protective Device


BNC & Power 2 in 1 Surge Protective Device

  • Specification & Feature


    SHSPD-201 BNC & Power Surge Protective Device is mainly used for computer network system such as the monitoring system of close-circuit TV, security system, satellite communication system, coaxial signal transmission etc.

    Specification & Feature
    • large discharge current, fast response time
    • with over-voltage, over current, limited pressure triple protection
    • for wide range of frequencies, low loss, no attenuation
    • standard connector, small size, easy to install and maintain

    Nominal operating voltage(Un) 5V
    Maximum continuous operating voltage(Uc) 12V
    Standard discharge current(In) 5KA(8/20us)
    Maximum discharge current(Imax) 10KA(8/20us)
    Clamping voltage(Up) <600V
    Response time(tA) <10ns  
    Frequency limit(Fmax) 0-1.0 Ghz
    Insertion loss(AE) <0.5dB 
    Microwave loss(Ar)  >20dB
    Working temperature -40 to +80oC
    Interface BNC(Q9)
    Test standard IEC61643-21

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