• Active PoE UTP Data + Video Balun Receiver


Active PoE UTP Data + Video Balun Receiver

  • Specification & Feature

    HXVB-300R is active PoE UTP data+video balun receiver which mainly used for security, education and other fields. It uses Cat5 or Cat5e as a transmission medium. It not only can real-time transmit color or black and white baseband video signal, but also can transmit single channel 12V PoE powe and single channel control signal. It can offer power for cameras and get the control signal back to host server. It will save wiring costs, simplify your wiring works.

    • Real-time transmission of High-Definition video signals.
    • Transmission distance up to 1500m if working with active PoE transmitter.
    • NTSC, PAL, SECAM video formats
    • Offer power for cameras and get the video,RS485 signal in 1 utp cable.
    • super interference rejection, 3rd level lightningproof, built-in surge&transient protection

    Transmission distance
    1500m working with active PoE transmitter
    Signal Type
    Video(PAL, NTSC, SECAM and other baseband video signal), RS485, power
    Power Supply
    adaptive 30~38V AC or 24~28V DC/0.4A input, standard DC5.5 connector
    Coaxial BNC(female), RS485 connection terminal, RJ45, DC 5.5 connector
    Surge Protection
    6000V 10uS*700uS IEC61000-4-5
    Frequency response
    0 to 6MHz 60dB (typical)
    Coax (BNC female) 75 Ohm; UTP (unshielded twisted pair) 100 ohms
    Cable Type
    Cat5 or Cat5e unshielded twisted pair
    Cable Impedance
    100 ± 20 ohms
    Distributed capacitance
    less than 62pF/m
    DC loop resistance
    18 Ohm/100m
    Operating temperature
    Relative Humidity
    Storage temperature
    81mm x 82mm x 29mm
    Net Weight
    Gross Weight
  • User Manual
    user manual of Active PoE UTP Data + Video Balun Receiver poe_video_balun_usermanual.pdf    
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